How do we make our voices heard? Voting! 

It is the single most effective and powerful tool we have to hold our elected leaders accountable to our concerns and aspirations.

Multiply your voice! In addition to registering and making sure you vote, there are other ways you can ensure those in elected office act in a manner that is in your best interest and that of your community. Here are just a few ideas…

  • Educate your family and friends about the importance of voting and issues you care about. Make sure they vote and get their neighbors, compadres, mothers, hermanos and abuelitos to do the same.
  • Write letters to your elected officials to tell them where you stand on a given law or issue.
  • Participate in rallies, marches and demonstrations.
  • Donate money to causes your passionate about.
  • Organize friends, neighbors and family to make phone calls to elected officials.
  • Speak at Town Board meetings about proposed laws and organize others to do the same.
  • Collect signatures on a petition for or against the law, possibly at church or school.
  • Ask prominent residents—business owners, clergy, lawyers—to take a stand.

Remember, if you don’t speak up others will speak for you!

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